Good to Go 

The Trashless Cup is a reusable beverage cup and network of participating businesses solving the massive environmental problem and costs created by 500 billion single-use cups discarded every year globally.

For businessesFor consumers 

Guiltless, Effortless, Trashless

Get a Trashless Cup at participating businesses serving beverages

Dirty or clean, swap it for a clean filled Cup next time (keep the lid)

Scan the unique QR code to record your environmental impact


Be a hero

To your bottomline, your customers and the planet. 

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Take the fight into your own hand, literally  

Save money. Help the environment. Make your life easier. 

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The Cups

There's one for everyone 

Tested in real-life - in coffee shops, and on the go - on foot, in cars, on bikes and even scooters. 

They’re good (to go)

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Cup Design Hub 

You are going to drink from these Cups. You might as well have a say in what's on them. 


Safer than single-use cups 

Each Cup is professionally washed before reuse - by the business it is turned in at, or by Trashless. 

Single-use cups on the other hand are not washed before use, and harmful chemical residue can mix right in with your drink. 


Fun, easy, rewarding

Every scan of the Trashless Tag on each Cup records its environmental impact and attributes it to the consumer, business, neighborhood and more, in real-time. 

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Real-world feedback . . . 

It has been great to partner with Trashless Cup from the beginning - kicking around ideas, testing different cups and getting feedback. Stoked to see this get out into the world!

Travis Kizer

Barrett's Coffee, Austin, TX 

We have been experimenting with zero-waste solutions for a long time, and have been waiting for an ecosystem solution. Trashless Cup nails it. Proud to be early partners.

Sabin Shrestha 

Mi Mundo Coffee, Round Rock, TX 

I am appalled at the volume of plastic and styrofoam still used for coffee on the go. Looking forward to seeing this come alive!

Laura Waltrip